Leading Without An Education

Leadership doesn’t require you to obtain a college degree or formal education. There are many leaders who never completed college. Some never completed grade school.

This is great news for those leaders who either dropped out of school or chose a different education path. You can lead without an education!

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Does this excite you as much as it excites me? I hope it does. This means everyone has a chance to lead… If they so desire. Formal education isn’t required to lead.

Leading Without An Education

When you look at the definition of leadership according to the Meriam Webster dictionary, you will see just about anyone can lead. Meriam Webster defines leadership as:

a person who leads: such as
The tour leader recommended several restaurants in the area.
b(1): a person who directs a military force or unit
leaders of the army
(2): a person who has commanding authority or influence
a leader in the reform movement

Why Formal Education Isn’t Required To Lead

Education In Leadership

Whether you dropped out of college, are an up-and-coming young leader, or an older employee transitioning into a leadership position, you may be freaking out about your level of education. Especially if you haven’t had formal leadership training.

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Don’t let a lack of education stop you

For years, many businesses have been “requiring” team members to have a minimum level of education. You may see a business requiring an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. And it may discourage you when you realize you don’t have the education requuired for the leadership position.

I want to encourage you today. You’re not out of luck because you don’t have the listed requirements for leadership.

As you move up and on, you will discover these education requirements are more gatekeeper than a dead end. They’re there to keep people out of the position you’re looking for.

What All The World’s Leaders Studied In School (2018 Edition)

When you’re deciding what to study at college, the chances are that not many of us would have been thinking about which subject would be best for putting us on the path to the White House, or 10 Downing Street, or the Kremlin. But that’s exactly where some former college students ended up, so were there any clues about their career path from the courses they chose?

Learn what world leaders study

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And which subjects have produced the most world leaders? CashNetUSA have done the research, looking into the educational history of every leader in every country in the world, and their results are hugely interesting, to say the least. 83% of the top politicians on the globe did some form of higher education, with others having either the Royal or military background to make that unnecessary.

3 Reasons To Consider Offering College Tuition Reimbursement

The recent years haven’t been too kind to businesses. Times have been tough and profits have been slim.

Great employee programs have been cut. There are businesses that no longer offer matching 401K, health benefits, and college reimbursement.

Thankfully, many businesses are seeing a rise in profits and are considering reimplementing, or implementing for the first time, these programs.

Today, I want to share with you what I see as the benefits of offering college tuition reimbursement to your employees.

As a leader, it’s your job to attract key talent to your team. You’re most likely looking for smart, well-educated team members who are hungry to learn.

Yet once they enter the workforce, many find it hard to continue to educate themselves.

There’s many factors including:

Lack of time

Lack of finances

Lack of ambition (Hey, it happens!)

Create An Environment Of Growth

One of the saddest things is a person who no longer pursues learning once they’ve graduated. Learning is put on the back burner and it’s all about enjoyment from here on out.

The statistics are shocking and sickening.

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After Graduation Learning Statistics

Here are some statistics regarding learning and reading after graduation:

  • 42% never pick up a book after college graduation
  • 80% of US families did not purchase a book in the last year
  • Your chance of income decreases drastically when you stop your continuing education

I know you’re not a statistic when it comes to learning. You’re eager to gain more knowledge and implement what you’re learning.

While you’re doing what you can to advance your skills and abilities, your team may not have the same learning mindset.