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One of the saddest things is a person who no longer pursues learning once they’ve graduated. Learning is put on the back burner and it’s all about enjoyment from here on out.

The statistics are shocking and sickening.

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After Graduation Learning Statistics

Here are some statistics regarding learning and reading after graduation:

  • 42% never pick up a book after college graduation
  • 80% of US families did not purchase a book in the last year
  • Your chance of income decreases drastically when you stop your continuing education

I know you’re not a statistic when it comes to learning. You’re eager to gain more knowledge and implement what you’re learning.

While you’re doing what you can to advance your skills and abilities, your team may not have the same learning mindset.

As a great leader, this is something you can encourage. You can create an environment that encourages growth.

Create A Library

An easy way to encourage learning within your organization is to create a library on the premises. It can be as fancy and swank as you like or it could be simple and plain.

To get started, all you need is a simple bookcase and books. And there’s a never ending source of books out there.

Go to the local Goodwill or thrift store and pick up used books. Most of these stores have their used books for under a dollar. Imagine the library you can build at this cost!

There’s also great used book stores online. Sites like Better World Books (helping to promote literacy through your purchases),, Thrift Books, or even Amazon.

Once you’ve begun to accumulate books for the library, begin stocking the bookshelves with books and let you team know that they’re there for their use. Encourage them to take the books home or read them on their lunch breaks.

Don’t be afraid to ask your team what books they’d like to see in the library. This is a great way to carry books that they’ll want to read.

The library doesn’t have to be all physical books. There’s the possibility of stocking it with audiobooks, video courses, and conference audio.

With all of the great books, you might even see people putting together book clubs. The amount of growth potential is unlimited.

Create Incentives For College Courses

Many of your employees would love to continue their education. One problem. They lack the funds to do so.

This is where you can step in and be the hero. You can help them continue learning.

Bring up the idea of your organization pitching in to help cover the cost of college tuition. Your company will reap the benefits anyways so why not help them out?

If your company cannot pay for the college classes, find another incentive. Slight pay increases for those that complete 3 courses. An extra day of vacation to those that have completed a full semester. An office party when an employee graduates.

Can’t you see this encouraging your team members to complete some college courses? I do and I know it works.

Create Opportunities To Attend Conferences, Seminars, And Training Courses

One thing I’ve found that really helps me grow and learn is attending conferences. You’re able to rub shoulders with others in your industry and interest areas. There’s also the opportunity to meet presenters and organizers with whom you can form great relationships.

Conferences, seminars, and training courses are often an overlooked area of growth but offer so much. You can also offer subscriptions to websites like (click to get a 7 day free trial) which offers training in business and other courses.

The investment is normally fairly small. Anywhere from $50 all the way up to a couple of thousand dollars. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

And you can offer this to your team.

Pick up the tab and travel expenses for your team to go to a conference. Offer to split the bill. Let them have time off to attend the seminar. Make some kind of effort to encourage attendance and you’ll see people step up to the plate and engage in learning experiences.

The Ball Is In Your Court

Now it’s up to you. Will you implement these ideas and encourage your team to grow? It’s simple and easy to do.

You’ll begin to see your team grow and become more knowledgeable about their areas of expertise. Remember, a more educated team is a better team.

Encourage them to grow!

Question: How does your organization create an environment of growth? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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