Stop Getting Lost In The Process

We’re all trying to get somewhere or become something better.

We purchase programs that promise to make us a better person. We attend seminars that are supposed to improve our self-esteem. We watch videos that promise to show us the way.

What’s The Process?


The process is simple. The process is the journey we take from where we’re at to where we belong.

God has a plan for our lives. In the end, we should wind up there.

But we struggle and fight and resist the plans God has for us.

We think we KNOW where we’re headed so we push and pull and trip and fall and mess up.

We want our way in the process.

And when we want our way, we get lost.

Stop Getting Lost In The Process

A few years ago, I heard Jon Acuff speak at Catalyst Atlanta.He dropped bombs that blew my world away.

He shared with us how we can stop getting lost in the process.

They’re simple ways, really. They’re right in front of us. They’re easy to recognize.

And we reject these ideas.

Remember who you are: We’re flesh and blood. We’re frail and weak. We’re also more than that.

We’re created in the image of a loving God. We’ve been given authority by the one who created us.

We are builders. We are dreamers. We are makers. We are doers.

But we are not what we build. We are not what we dream. We are not what we do.

Remember who God is: God is awesome. He is powerful. He is creative. He is loving.

God is a multitude of things. And He’s longing for you.

But he’s not a reflection of who you are.

He’s not limited by what you can do on your own. He’s not chained to rules and regulations. He’s not passive.

God is good and He’s cheering you on.

To stop losing yourself in the process of growth, remember those two things.

You won’t get lost when you remember who you are and who your God is.

Question: Are you lost in the process? Do you remember who you are and who God is? Let’s talk about this in the comment section.

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