Start Where You’re At

Starting out can be the most difficult part of your journey. I know it was for me.

There was a lot of procrastination that I needed to conquer. A lot of mental objections needed to be met before I could start.

But I finally learned to start where I was at. And you can start where you’re at as well.

While I’d always enjoyed learning about leadership and being in a leadership position, it was tough to take action and call myself a leader. I rarely felt I had the know-how to call myself that.

Then things started to change. My journey began where I was at.

The journey really started in a strange place to me. In a Family Christian Bookstore.

I don’t know why it seems so strange but it does. I guess that’s how some things pan out.

But it all started there. As I was taking a lunch break and picked up another book to read.

The book that changed my life was called 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller (Click his name to read my interview with the man!).

Dan’s ideas opened up my mind to ideas I’d never known was out there.

I could choose where I worked. I could choose not to work like everyone else. I could choose myself.

And those thoughts changed my life.

The craziest thing is my life changed where I was at. The change had been brewing for a long time but the change happened in an instant.

I decided to start where I was at.

You can take the same action to start today. Become inspired. Find a passion that kindles unrest within your life.

That’s what it takes to start.

Question: Where did you start? Share your starting place in the comment section and join with others who are excited to start.

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