Make Seasonal Decisions

Living in Michigan, we can get the full brunt of each season.

Winters can be brutally cold. Summer can be brutally hot and humid. Fall sees extreme color change. And in Spring we see great new growth.

Each season is unique. Each season also requires unique clothing, driving abilities, etc…

We have to make decisions based on the seasons of our lives

Seasonal Choices

As the seasons change, we begin to change the clothes we wear. From the heavy and warm winter clothes to the light and cool clothing choices of summer, there’s a different way to choose your clothes.

We also choose to drive differently in the varying seasons. In Summer, it’s much easier to drive fast. In Winter, we tend to drive slower.

Our decisions are based on the season of the year.

We also do this in our lives. We make choices based on what season of life we perceive ourselves to be in.

What was once a wise decision may no longer be such.

Going through the seasons of lives, the consequences of our choices begin to change. Whether it’s that your actions now impact a spouse or child to being a pet owner, the stage of our lives impacts the choices we need to make.

Types Of Seasonal Choices

You know your life has changed. You don’t realize just how much those changes should weigh on the choices you’re going to make.

Here’s a few choices that may change over the years:

Investing in risky stocks when you’re young –> Investing in more secure stocks the closer you are to retirement

Cliff diving when you have no children –> Choosing to step away from the cliff because you have 2 young sons at home

Changing jobs to quickly move up the corporate ladder –> Wanting to make an impact in an organization so you decide to stick around

Our decisions change over the years. And that’s okay

Weighing Seasonal Decisions


Weighing the choices that are based on our seasonal situations is difficult.

These are times when we have to know who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Do we want to take care of loved ones or do we want to take care of ourselves? Or both?

Do we want to move forward quickly or build something of value?

Do we desire power or do we desire influence?

The choice is up to you. You have to make the choice. And you have to live with it.

Question: Are you paying attention to the season of life you’re in and are you making choices accordingly? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.


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