Leadership Insights: Interview With Mark Sanborn Author Of The Fred Factor

Mark Sanborn, author of Fred Factor and Fred Factor 2.0 (along with 6 other titles), is a powerful force in the leadership world. He’s the president of Sanborn & Associates, authority on leadership, and a great public speaker.

Mark graciously gave a few minutes of his day to answer a couple of burning leadership questions I had.

Mark Sanborn, author, speaker

In the following interview with Mark, I asked:

Mark, you’ve written quite a few books. Two of your books focus on a man named Fred. Can you tell us a little about Fred?

You focus on relationships quite a bit, right?

How do you decide which relationships you need to nourish?

Your philosophy on relationships sounds a lot like the 80/20 rule. Can you expand on that?

How do you take people beyond your books and get people to actually engage in the message you’re sharing?

Do you have a distinction on leaders or leadership?

What can a small L leader do to improve or move up to a big L leader?

Books mentioned:

Fred Factor (In the recording Mark mentions you can get the book for free from his website. As this interview was recorded a few months ago, it looks like the offer is no longer valid. However, his website, does offer a free The Fred Factor audio lesson.)

Fred Factor 2.0

You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader

Question: If you had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Sanborn and ask him any question, what would you ask him? Please share your question in the comment section below.

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