Keeping Yourself On Track

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Another distraction.

Woman sitting behind a laptop with her cell phone

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Or maybe it’s not knock, knock but ring, ring. The sound of your cell phone going off constantly.

Distractions are all around us. They’re keeping us from doing our best work.

Does anyone else ever feel this is their daily journey? You walk into the office. You take a seat behind your desk. And then someone interrupts your day.

You help your team member take care of the issue. Problem solved. Then the next “knock, knock” happens. And there’s another issue presented to you.

Or, maybe, you’re on track and then you notice the latest season of Stranger Things has dropped on Netflix. It’s time for a binge!

You’re distracted. You’re off track…

Issue after issue, you feel like you cannot stay on track. You are constantly knocked off course by distractions or valid requests but these requests also make you feel like your day has gone sideways.

What can you do about these things? How can you stay on track when interruptions are always happening?

Keeping Yourself On Track

Keeping yourself on track is a trait every leader needs. You need to know how to get things done by working on the things that matter.

This can be hard. It can also be done.

To keep yourself on track, try the following tips.

Create a schedule (and stick to it):

Creating a schedule can help you stay on track. By creating a schedule, you’re telling yourself (and your time) where it needs to go.

You can schedule out all sorts of functions. I would suggest you schedule out the following areas:

Personal time

Family time

Personal growth time

Business time

Physical fitness time

Coaching time

These are but a few of the areas you can schedule for yourself. By making sure you’re making time for the things that matter in your life, you can help keep yourself on track in these areas.

Learn to say no:

One of the hardest words in a leader’s vocabulary can be the word No.

You became a leader not only to better yourself but to better those you lead. You may believe you can help them by saying yes to your team members request.

Doing so will only get you off track. You have to pick and choose what you say yes and no to.

Go back and look at the schedule you made when you have a decision to make. Will your yes or no keep you on track or will it derail you?

Use your schedule to learn to say no.

Find an accountability partner:

In faith circles, accountability partners are usually to help avoid sexual temptations. Men and women will find a friend they can confide in and they will help keep them on track.

I believe you can use this in any part of your life. Even leadership!

Find someone who will keep you accountable and on track. Ask them to hold your feet to the fire and to not let you stray from your goals unless you both agree it is for the best.

Question: What are you doing to keep yourself on track? Share your tips below and help other readers to get on track!

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