Don’t Get Stuck In The Start

Starting is the hardest thing to do. Or so people say.

But is it really the truth? Is starting all that hard?

Don't get stuck like Batman

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I don’t think starting is really hard. It’s actually pretty easy. Especially now when you’re able to start with so little.

Starting requires virtually nothing now. You can start a business with just a computer and internet access. You can start a club through the use of websites like You can even get people to help you to start by using Kickstarter.

Stuck In The Start

You see, starting has never been easier.

With that, we’re able to get stuck in the start.

We prepare. We get the foundation set. We even raise money.

And yet we’re stuck. We don’t know where to go after starting.

This has happened with my friend, Brandon, and I.

Brandon and I met through my role as a community leader with Michael Hyatt. It was strange to the both of us that we lived in the same city and had the same interests.

We also wanted to start something really cool. We decided to launch a program to help people get started.

The problem? We haven’t launched Get Started Academy yet!

Why We Get Stuck In The Start

I’ve pondered the reasons why we get stuck. What’s holding us back and why can’t we launch?

The conclusion I’ve found is that things are almost too easy to start.

Throwing out ideas. Getting together for coffee at the local coffee shop. Buying a web domain.

It’s all so easy!

The struggle comes in actually launching and putting ourselves out there. It’s scary, wouldn’t you agree?

After you’ve begun, you have a choice to make. Do you stay where you’re at or do you bravely move forward?

Getting Past The Start

So, what does it take to get past the start? That’s the million dollar question so many starters would love to have the answer to.

What’s helping Brandon and I? Let’s take a look:

A desire to help others: Brandon and I know that there are people out there that need help. We believe we can help them. This means we’ve got to push forward.

But what is this desire? Digging deeper, we discover the desire to better others is our WHY. It’s the driving force behind creating Get Started Academy.

To get past the start, you have to have a deep longing for your WHY. Don’t let it be shallow. Let your WHY be something that motivates you to get work done.

A desire to help ourselves: We know that creating a program will help ourselves. Sure, it may seem a little selfish but it’s still a motivating factor.

By helping ourselves, we’re pushing ourselves to be better than what we were. We know by helping others, we’re becoming better people.

Sometimes you’ve got to turn your motivation inward and be a bit selfish. The desire to help yourself may feel wrong but it’s not.

A sense of where you’re going: Not knowing the direction you’re heading can cloud your judgement and hold you back. It’s freaky not knowing where you’re heading.

Create a plan of attack. List out the things you want to accomplish with your new project. Then list out the steps it will take to reach your goal.

You’ve now got a strategy to accomplish the goal you set out. You can get out of the start!

Maybe you just need to know where you’re going.

Don’t get stuck in the start guys. It’s debilitating and will hold you back.

When you start, continue to follow through. Know your WHY. Discover your motivation. Find your path.

Question: What do you do when you’re stuck in the start? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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