Catalyst 2019 Live Blogging Of Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Catalyst Atlanta Live Blogging

Today, I’m live blogging from Catalyst Atlanta at North Point Church. These posts will be rough notes from the conference.

This session’s speaker is Bianca Juarez Olthoff. She is a bible-teaching, word-slinging, MexiRican. She wants to see this generation rise up and serve Christ.

She walked into a Catalyst Atlanta 10 years ago. When she walked away that day, she left with a new feeling. She left with the knowledge that she was a leader.

These events, these conferences can change the way you think about yourself.

It is a process.

Any time we hear from God, we need to remember it will be a process. It won’t be a simple task. You will have to work through the process.

We love the promise but we don’t want to go through the process.

John 15:5, 10-11

We can have joy for the journey. John 15:11 tells us this. Why don’t we believe this?

Bianca begins to share the wine/champagne making process… Says the process is beautiful.

The grapes are chilling like a villain on the vine. Then someone comes and removes them from the vine. They’re put into a crusher. These are the first steps.

Then they’re sent through the crusher a second time. Next, they’re put away for years. They’re then put into bottles which are turned by hand by a wine riddler.

Once the impurities are at the top, it is frozen and the impurities are cut from it. It is then put into another bottle where it gets labeled and possibly put away for a while.

When it’s ready, they bring it out and pop the cork and have a party.

The process is beautiful. The process also takes time.

This message isn’t about wine though… It’s about the process. You have to go through the process. The process isn’t always pretty or easy. Your process can take time or you might have issues.

Genesis 37 – Joseph is a young boy. He was sold for thirty shekels of silver ($200).

Joseph was tossed into a pit. He was then plucked from the pit.

Sometimes we’re moved or taken from one place to the other against our desire.

Genesis 39 picks up Joseph’s story.

Potifer’s wife catches Joseph by the cloak. Claims Joseph tried to rape her.

The Bible isn’t boring. You are.

Joseph was then removed from his position of authority. He had done all of the right things but then he was pressed.

After this, Joseph was taken by his master. He was put in a cave.

It is better to be marked by God than marketed by man.

Genesis 45:4-8

Joseph was taken out of the cave. He was then able to pour out what had been brewing in him.

Don’t quit the process. Joseph’s process took years and years to come to fruition. The purpose of your life is to be poured out.

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