Businesses, It’s Leaders, And The Importance Of Newsrooms

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In the era we live in, now is the perfect time to educate yourself on being the best possible leader for your business. Improve your brand, create a newsroom and get your vision across!

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Jozef Opdeweegh explained how times have been tough on many people and businesses worldwide because of the global pandemic and how you can learn from the lessons it taught us.

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

Leadership is about having influence over others for positive outcomes both inside and outside the business – and this definition applies equally to all types of organizations (corporate and nonprofit). Leaders achieve their influence by creating followership because they know what needs doing, providing direction when there’s no clear answer, and holding those who report to them accountable for results.

What Is a Business Leader? 

A business leader might not be the person who has the highest rank in an organization. Instead, business leaders make decisions that can be significant to how well a business meets its goals. Therefore, they may also have the title of senior executive, president, manager, or director. 

How To Become a Good Leader

Be Proactive And Get Things Done

When following up with people, make sure that the task you assigned gets done. Set expectations at the beginning so that everyone knows what needs to be accomplished. Be proactive and get things done!

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Know What Is Needed

Leaders are good at knowing what’s needed in a business, so they can provide direction when there’s no clear answer. They also know how to create followership because of their knowledge or expertise on the business topic.

Be Yourself And Lead By Example!

The Importance Of an Online Newsroom For a Business

A business should have an online newsroom so people can communicate with them and find out information about what is happening in their company. 

There are many benefits of having one, including being able to reach out directly through social media channels instead of going through customer service representatives. 

Furthermore, business leaders will know who their top business prospects are and can tailor products according to what people in the company want. Finally, creating an online newsroom is a way for business owners to get feedback from customers about how they are doing as well.

The Benefits of An Online Newsroom:

Benefits To The Business Owner:

  • Access business newsroom from anywhere
  • Spend less time building a business newsroom and more time running your business 
  • Save space by eliminating bulky printed copies of documents that may be outdated or simply no longer needed; archive them online instead!
  • Get organized with the help of an online calendar, to-do lists, task management system, and document storage all in one place. Additionally, it will save you hours upon hours each week as well as provide a central location for everyone on your team to share important information. “69% report saving at least 20 hours per month”*

Benefits To The Employees: 

  • Save money by spending just 25 minutes per day reading business updates in their inbox rather than traveling to the office.
  • Increase business knowledge by having access to business newsroom documents and resources rather than needing to search for them elsewhere
  • Stay current with the latest business information in their inbox, which is just a click away. “51% report that being able to read business updates from home helped improve their job performance”*
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