6 Easy Ways To Grow Your Blog Audience

I haven’t met a blogger who hasn’t wanted to have a larger audience. Have you?

I didn’t think so.

You can grow your blog audience

When you begin putting yourself out on the internet and blogging about a topic you like, whether it’s blogging about leaders or drones or some other interest of yours, you want to gain the attention of people and have them come to your site.

That’s a given. However, so many bloggers don’t put in any effort to bring in new audience members.

We’re going to discuss that today and help you grow your blog following

1. Reach out to other bloggers in your area of expertise: Common business philosophy has told us that competitors can’t help each other out. There’s only so many clients to go around and you can’t help a rival gain a customer.

But in the blogging world it’s different. Bloggers are a great bunch of people who willing to help those starting out. They want to see more people succeed.


Because they know the world is a large place. Their voice may not resonate with everyone but if they can help someone find a voice they like, they’ll be remembered as the one who connected them.

2. Get social: Social media has been an odd space for bloggers. We see it as a way to push our latest post and bring traffic to our websites.

That’s well and good but you’re missing the social aspect of Facebook or Twitter.

By finding people with like minded interests, you can strike up a friendship or a business partnership that can bring new people to your site.

Don’t overlook the easy to use aspects of social media. They could be a great way to grow your audience.

3. Create something outside of your niche: Focusing in on a niche is great. It draws the freaks, as Chris Brogan would say, to you and creates an excitement that’s hard to beat.

Yet I like to reach outside of my niche and try to draw in others who may not normally read my blogs. That’s why I do YouTube videos for Nerd Block unboxings. I try to mix in movies and pop culture into leadership topics.

Find some way to be unique within your niche.

4. Create local buzz: Many bloggers are missing a simple target: their city.

We hear so much on how the internet has made the world smaller. We don’t need to focus on the 5-mile average of the local consumer. We’ve got a whole world beating down our doors.

However, there’s a big market within your local area.

Pitch an idea to a local TV station and appear on a morning news segment. Engage strangers in conversation and invite them to your site. Find other nearby entrepreneurs and get to know them.

Local is still powerful.

5. Use different mediums: Writing a blog is only one way to engage your audience. Poll them and see if there’s any other ways they like to consume information.

Consider starting a podcast or a YouTube channel. Find another way to broadcast your voice and you may find a completely new audience that’s eager to follow you.

6. Be yourself: Last and certainly not least is be yourself. People want authenticity.

They will catch onto bloggers who aren’t sincere and leave them.

But when you show your true self, people are drawn to that. They can see themselves in you and they want more of it.

Question: How do you build your blogging audience? Please share a tip or two in the comment section below.

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