5 Ways To Lose Your Influence As A Leader

Influence is at the heart of leadership. Our actions should inspire and influence our tribe to become better. To do more. To be more.

However, we sometimes do things that make us lose our influence as leaders.

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Be on guard for the actions that will make your leadership less effective and for you to lose your influence over your tribe. Your influence is valuable and it’s key to being a leader.

As you’re leading, take care to not lose your influence.

Have a Do as I say, not as I do attitude: Our actions speak louder than words. When we expect others to do as we say but not as we do, our tribe begins to notice.

Those once great followers will soon turn away. They’ll realize you’re all talk, no action. Don’t let your actions tell your tribe you’re not a leader.

Complain: So many leaders lose their influence because of the negativity that comes out of their mouth. It might be a sharp criticism of the president, a rant about the quality of their product, or knocking a customer.

Complaining tears apart our influence. As our team sees us complaining about someone or something else, they may begin to wonder what you’re saying about them behind their backs.

Don’t allow this thinking to seep into your team. Take complaining out of your leadership.

Be dishonest: People hate to be lied to. It also creates trust issues.

Trust issues lead to a loss of influence.

Make it all about you: Your leadership isn’t about you. It’s about taking the team to the next level.

Be careful if you notice your leadership is becoming more about you than raising up others.

Fail to communicate: Communication is vital to a thriving team and to great leadership. When communication breaks down, your people will begin to wonder what is happening.

They’ll create stories to fill in the blanks. They’ll become fearful. They’ll become resentful.

Poor communication will make you lose your influence slow and steady. Before you know it, it’s gone.

As a young leader, you’ve got to be aware you can lose your influence. These actions will erode that influence until you no longer have any sway over those you lead.

Be on guard, don’t let your influence slip.

Question: How have you seen a leader lose influence? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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