5 Books Leaders Should Read In February 2022

It’s time for another book list for leaders. This month will continue to share more books from the cohort that helped me write Reel Leadership.

These books were all written by new authors who had something to say. Through the teaching of Professor Eric Koester, many of us were able to complete our manuscripts and publish our books.

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The books range from fiction to non-fiction and everything in-between. Today’s article will focus on business, personal development, and leadership.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In February 2022

1. Crisis Proof Leadership by Beth Rashleigh:

In Crisis Proof Leadership, Rashleigh helps the reader to understand it’s not crises that define leaders. It’s what leaders have done before a crisis hits that will define them.

Take a journey with Rashleigh as she takes a deep dive into the world of leading through crisis. And, leading through a crisis is something every leader will have to do. Because there’s always a crisis just around the corner.

Purchase your copy on Amazon.

2. Pajama Inc by Claryl Truz:

Because of COVID and the changing landscape of work, the environment we work in has drastically changed. Many organizations now allow for remote work, mixed worked, and more unique working arrangements.

Truz helps leaders understand the changes that have happened and how to navigate them.

The future of work is remote. Are you ready? Are you willing to prepare? You need to and Pajama Inc will help you learn how to lead from home.

Purchase your copy on Amazon.

3. Women At Work by Rebecca Cassidy:

Cassidy had a hypothesis. Her hypothesis was thus: The rules for success when working in a primarily female environment are different than those for women working in a primarily male environment.

In Women At Work, Cassidy helps women understand these challenges and how to find a clear pathway forward.

Pick this book up for yourself so you can learn more about women in the workplace, a woman you love, or a gift for a woman in your life who is working with other women.

Purchase your copy on Amazon.

4. Make It Matter by Akshay Kamath:

What does it take to make a great pitch? Kamath has studied this topic and developed a theory around it. The pitch needs to be delivered with principled storytelling.

Everyone needs to know how to pitch well. Without this skill, your business, personal relationships, and other endeavors will fall flat.

Check out Make It Matter to learn how to master the art of the pitch.

Purchase your copy on Amazon.

5. Leading Blind Without Vision by Welby Broaddus:

Leading people with disabilities can be overwhelming. You may not understand their limitations or you may not understand how to interact with people who are different than you.

In his book Leading Blind Without Vision, Broaddus helps the reader to understand how to be more diverse and inclusive.

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Bonus Book

I’d be remiss to not remind you that my book, Reel Leadership, is now available. Reel Leadership helps you understand how movies are more than junk food for the mind. Movies are a window into a world of learning. Make sure you pick up your copy of Reel Leadership today on Amazon.

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