3 Ways You Can Change Your Life In The New Year

Are you tired? Worn out? Ready to give up?

It’s okay to feel this way. This feeling is a warning system. Your mind and body are telling you it’s time for a change.

Are you listening?

You better be listening. If not, you’re heading for disaster. You’ll wind up just like you did this year.

The good news is you can change the path you’re on. Actually, we can change the path we’re on.

You’re not alone in the journey. You’re not the only one looking for change.

I’m looking to improve myself. Other readers are looking to change their lives. Everyone is looking for a little extra.

So how can we change our lives this year? What can we do to make our lives better?

I’ve come up with 3 ways you, and I, can change our lives in this new year.

1st Way: Discover your strengths – When we focus on our weakest areas, we struggle to make progress. We wallow in pity over our weaknesses.

What we need to do instead is to discover our strengths.

Look for what you do best.

Look for what brings you joy.

Look for what you can do better than anyone else.

And then go out and serve in our strengths.

2nd Way: Set measurable goals – With the new year, you’re tempted to set up the traditional New Years Resolution. We all know the the likelihood we’ll carry out those resolutions.

The likelihood is almost nil.

So, instead of creating New Years Resolutions, set measurable goals for yourself.

Create an action plan that will help you lose the weight, move into a new career, or advance your education. When you create goals that you can measure, the chance of your success skyrockets.

3rd Way: Surround yourself with people you want to be like – What’s your dream life look like? Who models that type of life?

Look around you and see if you’re surrounding yourself with people who are living this type of life. If you’re not, you may need to create a new circle of friends.

Jim Rohn used to say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

To me, this is heavy. The thought makes me ponder who I’m creating intimate relationships with. To look who my closest friends are.

Sometimes I realize I’m not surrounding myself with people who are at the level I want to be. When this happens, I have to force myself to course correct and begin pursuing those relationships again. What about you?

Changing our lives is not the easiest. There will be growing pains. There will be sorrow. There will be frustration.

The change also won’t happen overnight. You’ll face difficulties as you change your life for the better.

But I’ll be honest, making positive change in your life will be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.

So go for it. Take the steps to live a better life. Change your world this year!

Question: How are you changing your life as you enter into the new year? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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