3 Reasons Your Organization Isn’t Growing

Has your organization stopped growing? Are they at a standstill for growth?

You may lead a church, a small manufacturing company, or a large business. There will be times when growth doesn’t happen.

You may look around and wonder why the organization isn’t growing. It’s a great question to ask and one you must answer.

Digging into the reasons behind a lack of growth isn’t easy.

But there are 3 reasons (and areas) that you must examine when you see stagnation in your organization. Today, we will examine these 3 reasons and what you can do about them.

3 Reasons Your Organization Isn’t Growing

1. You’ve stopped growing as a leader:

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room right off the bat. Many organizations stop growing because their leaders stop growing.

Leadership feels like they’ve reached the pinnacle of their career. They can coast.

Leadership can never coast, especially in an organization they want to see grow.

If you’re the reason behind your organization’s lack of growth, cut it out (as Dave Coulier would say). You’re a roadblock and you can change that.

Begin investing in your personal growth. Invest in your growth as a leader.

Attend conferences (online or in-person). Read great books. Push yourself beyond what you think you can do.

If you’re not growing, your organization won’t grow.

2. Your organization has stopped serving others:

Your organization exists to serve people. Churches exist to serve the lost, hurting, and saved. Stop serving those people and your church will stop growing. Businesses exist to serve their customers. Don’t know what your customers want? You will stop growing.

Look at the workings of your organization. Are you serving others?

If you aren’t, let’s get back on track. Figure out who your customers are (yes, even churches have customers). Discover what their needs are. Find out how you can serve them.

Begin serving them. Work to win them back.

3. You’ve stopped investing in your people:

Your people are your greatest asset. They are the face of your organization. They’re also the ones producing for you.

If they stop growing, your organization will stop growing.

For a small investment, you can invest in your people and continue to grow your organization. Find ways to invest in your people.

You can invest in your people by:

  • Setting up a learning library
  • Having regular one-on-one meetings where you pour into your team
  • Offer scholarships for additional training

Investing in your people will be the greatest investment you can ever make. They will grow. Then they will grow your business.

You may ask: “But what if they leave?” That’s a good question. Your people will leave at some point. They will leave better trained, more positive, and feeling good about you and your organization.

You will have reaped the benefits of their growth while they were working with you.

The scarier question is: “What if your people stay and they don’t grow?” Think about that… That may be one of the reasons your organization isn’t growing.

The more you invest in your people, the more they will grow. The more they will benefit your organization.

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