25 Simple Pleasures For Leaders

As I started a recent Friday, I began to think about the simple pleasures in life. These are the things that are so easy to overlook that we take them for granted.

My typical Friday has looked something like this:

  • An early morning chat with a band of brothers
  • A quick trip to Aldea, a local coffee shop, with my dog
  • A drive down to the beaches of Lake Michigan
  • A quick read-through of a few comic books
  • A nap on the couch
  • A movie
A latte and coffee with cookies on a table by a tree. Simple pleasures in life!

Photo by Lala Azizli on Unsplash

There’s more to my Friday’s but I was reminded of the importance of these little pleasures in life. They bring me great joy and contentment.

As leaders, we need these simple pleasures in our lives. We cannot live a life devoid of simple pleasures.

Today, I want to share with you 25 simple pleasures you can enjoy.

25 Simple Pleasures For Leaders

1. A phone call with a friend:

There’s nothing like chatting with a friend. This simple pleasure can lift your spirits and challenge you to keep moving forward.

2. A hug from your spouse:

I don’t know what else is better than a nice, warm hug from my wife (well, I can but this is a PG/PG-13 blog). A hug from a loved one can uplift and encourage you.

3. A chai latte or coffee from your favorite coffee shop:

My preferred coffee shop is Aldea. There’s nothing like their house-made chai syrup and friendly staff. The savory flavor and warmth of the chai latte warms my soul.

4. A run:

Running is one of my releases. It frees me up to think, spend time with Lok, and enjoy the outdoors.

5. A walk with your spouse:

Pamela loves to walk. We try to make time at least a couple of times a week to go for an extended walk. The fresh air and company is a great simple pleasure.

6. A bonfire in the backyard:

I don’t know what it is about burning wood and the flicker of the flame but a bonfire does something special for the soul.

7. A short video game break:

Playing a quick video game is a simple pleasure of mine. I get to take my mind off important things and focus on an adventure I cannot physically take. Try it out!

8. A visit to the beach:

We have a beautiful lake in Muskegon. Taking a drive down to the beach to watch the waves crash on the shores of Lake Michigan is soothing. It’s also a simple pleasure of living in Michigan.

9. A bike ride to your favorite spot:

Much like a nice walk, a bike ride can be a great respite. You’re able to move your body and enjoy the crisp, clean air.

10. A do-nothing day:

It’s hard to break free from the daily grind but we need to do this regularly. Find a way to have a do-nothing day where there’s no agenda or pressing activity.

11. Reading a fiction book:

Ditch the non-fiction self-help, personal development, or business book. Instead, get lost in a fantasy world.

12. Building a shelf:

A simple pleasure can be working on a simple project. Build something with your own two hands. You’ll be amazed at how this refreshes your soul.

13. Listening to your favorite band:

I gave up on music when I began my personal development journey. I regret that. Music was a lifeline to me growing up. It is once again. It’s one of the simple pleasures of life that I will not compromise on now.

14. Sitting in silence:

I love the hustle and bustle of cities. When things are happening, it is fun. However, there’s a pleasure in sitting in silence. When nothing else is going on around you, you can find yourself.

15. Reading the Bible:

There is so much depth and wisdom in the Bible. Picking up the Word of God is a simple pleasure like no other.

16. Goofing around with your kids:

You created something unique when you had kids. Goof around with them. They won’t always be young. They won’t always enjoy it. Make sure you do this while they do.

17. Laying in a hammock:

I discovered this simple pleasure late in life. There’s a freedom, a peace that comes from hanging in a suspended hammock. It’s like sleeping on air.

18. Taking a siesta:

Find a way to slip in a nap or two throughout your week. Naps are something we think of as simple pleasures but they’re more than that. Naps are a way to recharge and refresh yourself quickly.

19. Going for a swim:

Ahhhh!!!! That first jump into a cold lake is so refreshing. It’s also something that is forgotten about because it is not an important thing to do. Yet, there’s joy in taking a swim. Go for one!

20. Hiking through the woods:

Nature is a beautiful creation. Hiking through the woods allows you to meander and see creation in all its splendor. Go take a hike.

21. View artwork:

When I got back into the world of comic books, I discovered you could collect original art. It’s a simple pleasure to have beautiful artwork in my office.

22. Doodle:

I’ve always loved art (see the above pleasure). However, I always feel like my skills are subpar (they are compared to many). However, there’s nothing wrong with doing something poorly if you do it for enjoyment.

23. Gaze at the stars:

Look up at the night sky. You might see a big, beautiful moon. Or you may see the stars of the Milky Way.

24. Complete a jigsaw puzzle:

When we visited my sister and my brother and his family in South Carolina for Christmas, we put together jigsaw puzzles. No fancy technology and just a good old simple pleasure.

25. Fly a drone:

Another simple pleasure I found was drone flying. Watching the drone take off from the ground, zip around the sky, and then return upon your command is so much fun.

Simple pleasures are the things life is made of. Sure, we have great, amazing moments in our lives. Yet, the things we will thrive on are the little things. They are what recharges our batteries throughout the days, weeks, and years.

Find a simple pleasure you can enjoy and do it.

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