5 Leadership Books To Read In July 2022

By now, summer is in full effect. The kids are out of school, the temperature is rising, and vacations are happening.

What better time to grab a great read? There’s not! That’s why I’m sharing another great list of 5 books every leader should read.

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This month’s recommended reading list is filled with great books. Get ready to improve your leadership by reading or listening to the books on this list.

5 Leadership Books To Read In July 2022

1. No Rules Rules: Netflix And The Culture Of Reinvention by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer:

I’d put off listening to this book for a long time. I now regret doing so.

Hastings and Meyers present an interesting case for no rules. Using the model of Netflix, they examine and share why this culture works. They also warn the culture of Netflix may not work for every organization.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Elvis The Movie

A Reel Leadership Article

My latest book, Reel Leadership, is now available on Amazon. If you love movies and leadership, you will love this book.

Many people think they know the story of Elvis Presley (portrayed by the great Austin Butler). A great musician who rose to prominence. Then, losing it all due to a battle with drugs and obesity.

The new Elvis movie introduces us to another villain in the life of Elvis. That villain? His manager Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

Elvis movie poster

In one of the most cinematic, visually stimulating, musically diverse films in recent memories, Elvis will be a hit movie.

We see the multiple stages of Elvis’ life, including scenes of him as a young boy (Chaydon Jay) wearing the symbol of the superhero Captain Marvel/Shazam. The progression is entertaining yet sad. It’s like watching a trainwreck, not because the movie is terrible but because of what you know will happen.

It All Starts With Trust


We all want to be trusted. What we often don’t do is trust those we lead.

We hire a new employee. We begin to think of ways the employee may cheat the company.


We’ve broken a bond of trust. The employee may not realize it.


Slowly but surely, the employee will begin to realize you don’t trust them. They will see the “guardrails” you’ve put up to keep them in line.

We talk about trust like it’s important. We don’t live it out.

Here’s 5 ways we can show that we believe in trust, and that we trust those we lead.

It All Starts With Trust

1. Listen more than you speak:

One way we show that we don’t trust those we lead is that we talk too much. We believe we’re giving the person information they need, helping them understand a process, or working them through a problem.

This Is What Great Leaders Provide Their Teams

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Being a leader can be tough, but the main goal of leadership is normally quite a straightforward one: to ensure the team that you are caring for can achieve what it needs to achieve. To help make sure of that, there are a few things that will usually be important to focus on. In particular, you may wish to know what it is that a great leader tends to provide for their team.

There are many things that you might need to provide a team with in order to help them excel at what they are doing. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of these in particular that might be helpful to look at.

5 Things That Leaders Should Stop Doing

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If you want to be the best leader you can be, and if you want to reach your full potential in the world of business, thew re a few things you are probably doing now that could be holding you back and making your journey to success a longer, rockier one than it really needs to be.

If you stop doing the following things, then you are sure to see more success in leadership going forward: 

  1. Everything

If you are the type of leader who takes responsibility for everything, and therefore things you must do everything frons ending emails to speaking with clients to handling the books, yourself, then you need to stop now.