5 Websites Church Leaders Should Have Bookmarked

Church leaders know they must continue to work on their skills to improve their knowledge and to continually seek the face of God. We can fall into ruts where we no longer feel the desire to do the seeking. And then we begin to fall away.

This is why I like to keep a list of handy dandy websites to rejuvenate my faith and getting me going again.

5 Websites Church Leaders Need To Visit

There’s so many websites devoted to church leadership it’s difficult to know where to head to for Christian inspiration and to keep a leader on track.

No worries, faithful reader. I’ve got my list handy and I want to share it with you today.

1. ChurchLeaders.com: ChurchLeaders is an amazing resource for leaders in the church. They provide content for Senior Pastors, Worship Leaders, Youth Leaders, Outreach Leaders, Small Group Leaders, and Children’s Leaders.