Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Elemental

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While the movie Elemental has struggled to find its footing, I found this Disney/Pixar outing a joy to watch. It was touching to show an immigrant’s struggle to find their place in a new land only to see their child struggle. They captured the essence of the push and pull between parents and their children.

So, what is Elemental? Elemental is set in the fictional Elemental City. There, fire, water, land, and air residents come together and live. It’s a strange city as not all the residents, namely fire residents, can safely interact with one another.

Ember and Wade sitting next to each other at a table. Wade looks excited.

Ember (Leah Lewis) is the daughter of fire residents Bernie (Ronnie Del Carmen) and Cinder (Shila Ommi). She has a fierce temper, often exploding (literally) when she becomes upset. 

Develop The Talents Of Your Team

So, you’ve assembled an amazing team of go-getters. They’ve been rocking sales and bringing in new leads.

Then you hit a road block.

The awesome team you’ve assembled has stopped growing. And, in doing so, they’re no longer the rock stars you know they are.

The development of your team is important

It’s in this moment you realize you’ve failed to do something crucial to the success of any team. You’ve failed to develop the talent of your team.

Instead, they’ve been left stagnant. You haven’t put forth any effort to encourage them to grow.

Let’s do something about this leadership mistake today.

Develop The Talents Of Your Team

Yes, your team has to be interested in developing themselves. You can’t force them to continue to grow themselves and develop their talents. What you can do is encourage the growth.

Doing so will kick start their growth mindset and get them back on track.