How To Become A Disciplined Leader

The Disciplined Leader Series

You may be asking yourself a simple question by now. That question is: How do I become a disciplined leader?

The answer is simple. You do what a disciplined does.

What does it take to become a disciplined leader?

Photo by Dan Roizer

A disciplined leader:

Trains his mind-

There are things he wants to do. Yet he knows he cannot do everything he desires. He must take control of his thoughts and actions.

This means he no longer does things on a whim. Instead, he chooses to do things which will push him onwards and upwards towards the goals that have been set.

He doesn’t allow himself to get off-track. He pushes himself to be the best he can be.

The disciplined leader trains his mind through consuming uplifting content. He fills his mind with positivity and instruction. He may even partake in a bit of entertainment once in awhile.

Why You Need To Take Small Steps

For those of you who have children, you know there’s a special day every parent anticipates and dreads. It’s a day of great joy. It’s a day of great fear. That day? The day your child takes his or her first small step.

You sit back and cheer him on. You tell him he’s doing great. Just a little bit further. He only needs to take a baby step for you to have your world change.

What if I told you that you need to begin to take baby steps? Would that excite you like seeing your child take her first steps?

Baby steps are the steps to success

Probably not. You’d think tiny steps forward in business are not for you. They’re definitely not exciting.

Yet these small steps are what we need to be doing.

Why Small Steps Rock

You have lofty goals. I know you do. You’re the kind of leader who wants to change the world.

How To Propel An Idea From Creation To Action

The year was 1519 when Hernán Cortez set sail for the New World. His strategic objective was the conquest of Mexico. The Aztec were a great nation with vast stores of gold and silver, an incalculable prize for King Charles I of Spain. Though I do not agree with what he had set out to do (not all strategic objectives are noble), I do, marvel at how such a small army could defeat a vast empire that had endured for 600 years. The key ingredient for their success would go down in history as one of the greatest Momentum tactics ever applied.

When taking the step from idea to execution, we can all learn something from the Spanish conquistador. After sailing halfway around the world, Cortez landed his eleven ships on the beaches of the Mexican Yucatan and unloaded the 500 men and supplies. Cortez then gathered his men around him and delivered those fateful words that now echo in the annals of leadership history, “Burn the Ships!” From that point onward, there could be no retreat. The only option was success.