Say No To Say Yes

Why No Is The Key To A Fulfilling Life

Our lives are packed with activities. From kids birthday parties to church obligations, your time is being pulled in a million different directions. Everyone wants a piece of you and your time!

No sign on the side of a brick building

Photo By Alex Rodriguez Santibanez

This tension for your time distracts you from what your heart desires and longs to do. You probably long to spend more time:

  • With your spouse
  • Playing with your dog (I know I do!)
  • Watching your son play baseball
  • Getting healthier
  • Reading or watching enriching content
  • Enjoying a non-fiction book or movie
  • Fixing that leaking sink that’s bothered you for months
  • Working on a side hustle
  • Learning a new skill

Yet you can’t get to these things you long to do when you continually say yes to everyone else. You have to set aside your desires and longings to fulfill the desires of those you say yes to.