Wake Up To The New Reality

Look around you. Have you noticed something is different? Something has changed.

There’s a new reality all around us. If you haven’t already, it’s time to wake up to the new reality.

Stormtrooper about to wake up

Image by Pascal

Reality has been a constant change. One moment life seems grand. The next it all comes crashing down.

What many people haven’t realized is the reality of the workplace has been shifting as well.

What Once Was

Once upon a time, it seems so long ago now, there was certainty in the choice of careers and the leading of people. To get a great job, all one had to do was go to college, get a degree, and put yourself out there.

And you’d get chosen.

Someone would find your resume, peruse it, and call you into the office. In no time flat, you’d have landed a cushy job.