Wake Up To The New Reality

Look around you. Have you noticed something is different? Something has changed.

There’s a new reality all around us. If you haven’t already, it’s time to wake up to the new reality.

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Reality has been a constant change. One moment life seems grand. The next it all comes crashing down.

What many people haven’t realized is the reality of the workplace has been shifting as well.

What Once Was

Once upon a time, it seems so long ago now, there was certainty in the choice of careers and the leading of people. To get a great job, all one had to do was go to college, get a degree, and put yourself out there.

And you’d get chosen.

Someone would find your resume, peruse it, and call you into the office. In no time flat, you’d have landed a cushy job.

But that’s all changed. You’ve noticed this if you’ve looked for a job recently.

Awake To The New Reality

The new reality is: It’s hard to find a job out there. Businesses aren’t hiring just anyone with a college degree.

The new reality is: You’ve got to choose yourself.

Now you’ve got to put work into finding work you love. You’ve got to discover who you are. You need to find out what makes you shine.

For the young leader, this can be a hard reality to face. It’s not about raising your hand anymore. It’s about taking charge, right out of the gate.

What You Can Do About The New Reality

This might sound a bit scary. Truth be told, it can be if you’re not ready.

The good news is: You’ve awakened to the new reality. You realize it’s here and it’s not changing anytime soon.

So, what can YOU do about this change?

Share Yourself: Give away some of your time towards a worthy cause. Search out the closest United Way, the nearby church, or the local homeless shelter.

When you volunteer, you’ll gain valuable life skills and learn life lessons. You’ll also begin to form connections with members of your local community.

These relationships will continue to build as you volunteer and spend time with other volunteers.

Pick Yourself: Don’t wait to be chosen. There’s a good chance you’ll stand there with your hand up and no one will call your name.

Instead, take bold action and pick yourself.

Make yourself indispensable to the company you want to work for. Put together a portfolio of your past leadership positions and accomplishments. Discover how your skills will benefit the organization you want to help lead.

Next, present it to the company or companies. Even if they’re not soliciting for new employees or leaders. Go make yourself known to them.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the responses you’ll garner.

Improve Yourself: Having your college degree is great. In fact, I think it’s something all employers should help their employees get by offering a tuition reimbursement system.

But don’t let your education end with a degree. Continue to improve yourself through great books, quality podcasts, and conferences or seminars.

As Bill Gates has said: Never Stop Learning

I hope you’re awake to the new reality now. Success isn’t guaranteed. There’s no roadmap to success.

It’s not as easy as getting a college degree and putting it out there.

You’ve got to work for what you want now. So get at it!

Question: What have you learned from this new reality? How are you adjusting to it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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