The 40 Hour Workweek Is Gone!

This may come as a shock to older leaders but I think younger leaders understand this. The 40 hour workweek is gone.

The mindset of working 40 hours a week has been destroyed. It’s been crushed. And you must learn to adapt to this new work environment.

Keynote speaker Lance Richards recently shared his thoughts at a Solutions Expo in Grand Rapids on this topic. Which made me want to share my take on his talk.

What Killed The 40 Hour Workweek?

Traditionally, office work has been done in an office or a cubicle. Lately, this work has moved towards an open office.

This still only covers a part of where work takes place.

No longer are employees tied to a fixed workstation. Oh no, they now have access to the office within reach of their fingertips all the time.