Ignite Your Leadership Expertise

An Interview With Nathan Magnuson

I was recently able to interview Nathan Magnuson, a friend and fellow blogger. Nathan recently released his first book on Amazon, Ignite Your Leadership Expertise.

His insights into leadership and what you can do without a title are inspiring. I believe you will walk away with a greater insight into leadership and your role in the grand scheme of things.

Book cover for Ignite Your Leadership Expertise

Ignite Your Leadership Expertise

With so many books available on leadership, what does this one add to the mix?

Most leadership books focus on how a person can be more effective as an individual or leader of a team. Ignite Your Leadership Expertise focuses on how to build an expertise in leadership while at the same time building trust with others so they seek your input. In other words, when the topic of leadership comes up, you have something meaningful to contribute and people keep coming back for more.

You Are Leading Someone

I’ve come across great leaders. Though there was one strange thing about them.

These great leaders didn’t know they were leaders.

Do you know who you're leading?

Have you noticed this before?

Leading Without Being A Leader

This happens all the time. A new hire comes aboard the team. Before you know it, they’re able to organize other team members without being an actual leader.

Again and again, this happens. And many leaders sit back and wonder how this can be.

To me, what is happening is very simple:

Leadership Is More Than A Business Card

Recently I stepped aside from a leadership post, while still choosing to remain with the organization. This was a process we were engaged in for nearly two years.

Immediately, as the news spread, I was bombarded with questions of ,”What will you do now?”

The implication behind the question said I needed a title or a business card in order to have influence.

I have observed this dilemma in my organization for years. Leaders struggle to let go of their titles for fear they won’t have a platform. Some even invent titles to maintain financial support and influence.

I serve in the non-profit realm. I do realize there are times corporate titles open doors. The type of leadership I am referring to is one of influence. We all know people who have titles, but do not have the respect. Their directives evoke more eye rolling than response.