What The Pothole Kid From Muskegon Heights Can Teach Us About Leadership

You're never too young to lead

You may have heard of a young man named Monte Scott. If you haven’t heard of Monte, you may have heard of him referred to by a different name: The Pothole Kid.

Man standing over water-filled pothole

Photo by Marc Oliver Jodoin

His nickname is a strange one. The Pothole Kid? Why would anyone want to be called that name? After hearing Monte’s story, I think you’ll understand. You may even want to carry the moniker as well.

Monte Scott’s Story

Monte is a 12-year old boy who lives in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. He’s your typical young man who goes to school, does his homework, plays with friends, and enjoys his video games.

March 27th was the day that changed everything. Monte’s school, Oakview Elementary School (also my elementary school, woot-woot!), had a half day. At first, everything was normal. He came home from school and began to play video games. Then a thought crossed his mind “I could be doing more. I’ve seen a problem in my city and I want to fix it.”