Don’t Talk About It, Do It!

How many of you deal with meetings, phone calls, and emails that discuss the plans of your organization? If this sounds familiar, raise your hand.

I’m betting all of you are raising your hands right now.


Image by Keoni Cabral

Most meetings consist of us sitting around with others in the organization discussing the plans we have for the company.

We’re heading in this direction. We’re going to take action here. We’re going after this market.

Yet when we leave the meeting, nothing seems to get down. Now that’s a problem!

This cycle reminds me of a riddle I once heard. It goes like this:

There were 3 birds sitting on a fence. 1 bird decided to fly away. How many are left on the fence.

The answer? 3. The 1 bird that decided to fly away decided on it but hadn’t taken action.