3 Ways To Be An Extraordinary Leader

I find it’s not the huge actions that create an extraordinary leader, at least from the person being lead. The big actions are the results of many smaller actions that lead to an extraordinary leader.

You don't have to be Superman to be extraordinary

Image by JD Hancock

To truly be a great leader, you’ve got to do work on the simple matters. Little things too many people overlook because they want to be seen as great, right away.

Let’s look at 3 ways you can become an extraordinary leader.

1. Thank your team: The company my wife works for held an annual Christmas party where they thanked their team. They fed them, gifted them, and thanked them.

This left both my wife and I feeling overwhelmed, to the point of tears.

The simple act of a Christmas party thanking everyone left such a lasting impression on our lives. My wife felt her hard work was appreciated and so is the work of the rest of the team.