Convenience Is The Enemy

There are days when I long for my runs with Lok the Vizsla to be easy. I don’t want to feel like I taxed my body or pushed myself further than I thought I could go. I want my runs to be convenient.

We are trapped by our desire for convenience

Photo by Mitchel Lensink

And yet my runs aren’t convenient. Running can take away time from my wife or with friends. Running takes extra energy and effort. Going for a run may even require me to get wet or cold or too hot. There’s nothing convenient about running.

But I wouldn’t change this fact for anything. Convenience sounds nice, in theory. Yet if running were convenient, it wouldn’t stretch me and make me stronger. My muscles wouldn’t grow and I wouldn’t lose weight. I wouldn’t feel the accomplishment of finishing a half marathon.

Do you long for convenience in your leadership? You may want to rethink bringing convenience into the way you lead.

The Enemy Of Leadership

Great stories require 5 elements. An inciting incident. Conflict. Resolution. Protagonist. And an Antagonist.

The antagonist is usually an enemy. The Joker to Batman. The Taliban to the US army. The resistance to your creativity.


Image by Niles Geylen

As you lead, you tell a story.

You face an unseen enemy in your leadership. It raises it’s ugly head and tries to tell you it’s okay.

That things shouldn’t be this hard. You should have it easy.

One of the enemies of leadership is convenience.

Why It’s An Enemy

Convenience becomes an enemy because it creeps in and tells you the lies you want to hear. How your job should be easier. How you’ve arrived and others should serve you. That you don’t need to work as hard.