Collecting Junk

There’s been a lot written about having a clean workspace. My workspace could be considered far from clean.

When I look around my home office, I see Christian music posters from a web-based business that’s no longer active, various electronic gadgets, music CDs (do you remember those), and a bunch of random junk.

Junk piles up

Image by David Hunter

Seeing this collection of junk has suddenly made me sad. Not because my home office isn’t tidy. There’s something else behind this sadness.

My feelings come from the realization that I’ve accumulated a lot of useless materials in my life. Whether it’s the paperwork and pieces of a now closed business venture or the feelings that are locked inside of my heart.

A realization of sorts

There’s a lot of junk in my life. I’ve been collecting junk without getting rid of anything.

And it’s creating havoc in my life.