13 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Disney’s Zootopia

A Reel Leadership Article

In Disney’s latest family friendly movie Zootopia, we see a strange world. A world where animals, both predators and prey, get along.

The animals live together in a happy society. They thrive by working with one another.

Then something changes…

Having seen previews for this movie, my wife was excited. She wanted to see the animated animals and watch the new Disney movie.

I’m glad I listened to her desire to see Zootopia.

Not only was Zootopia a fun movie, it provided me a chance to look for leadership lessons in the movie.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Zootopia

1. Judy Hopps:

It may seem impossible to small minds but….

I love the power behind this quote from Judy Hopps, the protagonist of Zootopia. Judy was always thinking BIG.

She knew what she wanted and she knew what needed to be done to get there.