7 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Masters Of Doom

A Reel Leadership Article

Growing up, I was a major fan of video games. Whether it was the child-friendly Mario games or the bone-chilling game Doom. I loved video games.

When I heard there was a book about the makers of Doom, I quickly put it on my book reading list. With the help of Audible.com, the book rose to the top and I recently finished listening to the book.

Masters of Doom was the book written about the people who made Doom. They chronicled the rise of ID Software, what made them great, and what made them fall apart.

Wil Wheaton, of Star Trek fame, was the reader of the audio book. His presentation was perfect for a book such as this.

Wil brought the story to life and made me want to sit in my Ford truck listening to the story long after I arrived at my location.