What Is Courage?

Catalyst Atlanta 2017 Katie Davis Majors

Today, I’m live-blogging the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. The next speaker I’ll be live-blogging about is  Katie Davis Majors

Katie, at the age of 18, traveled to Uganda for the first time. She was captivated by the people of Uganda and their culture. After her visit to Uganda, Katie chose to leave her family and friends behind to do a year-long mission trip to Uganda.

Katie Davis Majors Catalyst 2017 Of Good Courage

Almost 10 years after her first mission trip, Katie is a 28-year old mother to 13 girls and one baby boy. She’s the founder of Amazima Ministries and author of Kisses From Katie.

Katie had prepared for 30 students on the first day of class. She was optimistic of her ability to connect and share with the students.

To her surprise, there were 120 students on the first day of school.