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Nothing attracts like confidence. Knowing that you will succeed will ultimately lead to success. Having the courage to say that you know who you are and that you know what you want sends out a clear message to others that you have the qualities to achieve your goals. People are attracted to that kind of positive mindset; it shows them that you are a leader, that you have perseverance and a level of self-belief which can benefit those around.

While the reactions to this display of determination are true on a personal level, it can also be said when it comes to business. Running your new start-up with the outlook that you are a success will give you the energy and drive to actually become one.

On a personal level, to become more confident, you first need to appear confident. You can do this by standing tall, using open body language. Presentation is everything; you need to dress the part to become the part!

From a business perspective, having a strong brand image from day one will demonstrate that confidence and sense of purpose. Firstly, let people know that your business has arrived. Get yourself a sleek, professional logo, some business cards, professionally designed promotional materials to drum up interest in whatever you have chosen to sell. Take a look at the range of banners available at, which can incorporate any graphic you like; having a sharp brand image is just like standing tall.

Eye contact is a positive way of communicating certainty. It shows that you are attentive and engaged. As a business, you can get this same message across by asking questions and listening to your customers. If you can show that you are paying attention, you will immediately seem trustworthy. Having your eyes open and engaged with your clients not only displays assurance, but it is also significant as it means you are open to learning what is important to the people you are setting out to serve.

Fidgeting is a tell-tale sign of nerves. If you can avoid doing this around people, you will come across as cool and collected. A sense of calm is another way of showing to people that they can trust you. You will not flounder under pressure, and you have a belief in yourself and in what you are saying that will carry you through. In terms of your fledgling company; clearly stating your aims, and single-mindedly going for them in a calm and precise manner shows your customers that you have the clarity to know the way forward. A business that changes its mind, constantly flip-flopping from one idea to the next at an early stage, may appear to lack vision.

Taking big steps is another way of demonstrating personal confidence. It shows that you know where you are going. The same is certainly true of your new business. If you make strides; others will look on and believe that you must be onto something.

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