You Reach Your Destiny By Building Your Dynasty

We here a lot of talk about fulfilling our destiny. Living out your purpose, you could say. That’s well and good.

But in the end it won’t mean squat if you haven’t built up a dynasty.

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What Is Your Destiny?

It seems everyone is chasing after their destiny these days. They want to discover what they were made for. They want to live a life with purpose.

I say this is great. We need to live a life full of passion, ambition, and desire. It’s what drives us to success.

I also believe we all have a destiny to fulfill. We were put here for a reason.

Discovering this is crucial to feeling contentment and peace with our lives. In the end, it’s our purpose for living.

What It Your Dynasty?

I’m not sure I’ve heard much talk about building your dynasty. This seems to be brushed over in many circles.

So, what is your dynasty? Your dynasty is the people you’ve left behind. The next generation leaders who will take your place and carry on your legacy.

Your dynasty will be who moves your vision forward once you’re gone. (Click to Tweet)

We’ve got to build our dynasty to reach our destiny.

How You Reach Your Destiny By Building Your Dynasty

Would you believe me if I told you that your destiny and dynasty is intertwined? They’re like a pair of shoes, incomplete without the other.

As a leader, your destiny is to be a change agent, to leave the world in a better place than when you first started. You’re also tasked with the responsibility of raising up new leaders to take the leadership baton.

When you pour into the next generation and help them live their potential, you begin to build your dynasty. You’ve got a team of new leaders who are going to change the world in your wake.

These leaders are your purpose. They’re the ones you were meant to affect and change. In the end, they’re your destiny.

Question: How are you building your dynasty so you can reach your destiny? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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