You Can Grow And Still Enjoy Entertainment

With everything that’s been going on in my life, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. Trying to discover, or rediscover, what makes me happy.

Surprisingly, I’m finding that I’ve avoided activities that brought joy to my life.

This discovery made me wonder what had happened. Where did I go wrong?

Enjoyment at a concert

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What I’ve Discovered

I became a follower of many leadership gurus. Guys who are striking it big and helping people become all that they were meant to be.

Knowing great leaders follow great leaders, I decided to follow their advice to the letter.

In the short term this decision has helped me to reach the point that I am at today. And I’m glad I followed their advice.

Because of their advice and lifestyle, I was able to cut back on television and music consumption. Empty hobbies according to some leading experts.

The theory is: Music and TV shows take up time that could be better spent.

Better spent

Consuming informational audio products

Attending a conference

Reading a non-fiction book

Growing yourself into a better leader

I was okay with this. At least for a very long time.

I enjoyed learning new skills. Taking in new skills. Discovering new leaders who would teach me the next leadership technique I needed to know.

But eventually something happened.

I desired entertainment. I wanted to watch a TV show here or there. I wanted to attend the Big Daddy Weave concert that was playing in my city. I wanted to hit the movie theater for the new blockbuster movie.

And I felt guilty. Almost dirty wanting to do so.

When you’re in pursuit of new knowledge we shouldn’t let these trivial, entertainment activities get in the way. Right?

This train of thought is wrong, or at least I think so.

Our pursuit of self-improvement isn’t only about increasing our mental capacities. It’s also about enjoying the things in life that we get pleasure from.

If it’s taking time to enjoy watching the new Star Wars movie or catching the latest episode of Arrow, so be it. Finding enjoyment isn’t going to derail your chance of success.

No, not at all.

In reality, I think it might increase your likelihood of success.

How Entertainment Can Increase Your Chance Of Success

My last statement may seem a bit off in the world of self-improvement. We’re not supposed to be successful if we enjoy non-essential entertainment activities. It’s what we’ve been told.

When I begin watching something I really enjoy, I notice there’s a difference in my attitude. My spirit lifts a bit. And I become more lighthearted. I have a bit of fun.

This enjoyment begins to get my mental juices flowing. I become more creative when my mind has been engaged in an activity that brings me joy.

Our body and minds weren’t meant to only consume information. We were created to enjoy life. To experience things that bring us joy.

If that means watching a TV episode once in awhile, so be it.

A Final Warning

Entertainment is great. We experience laughter, tears, even anger because of what we watch or listen to. It’s a gift.

And yet there’s a dark side to entertainment.

Be wary not to let it consume all of your time so you can’t pursue your goals and dreams. Devote only a limited amount of time to entertainment.

Create entertainment boundaries or you may not be able to find the success you long for in life.

Question: What’s your favorite way to be entertained right now? Please share your joy in the comment section below.

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