Why Your Attitude Matters More Than Anything Else

It’s already been a rough morning. Before you left for the office, you and the wife had an explosive argument. Top that with the kids were crying and you were late… Your morning is shot. Your attitude is too.

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And that’s a major problem. Yes, the issues with your family are big problems too. Your family problems need to be fixed as well. However, when you bring a lousy attitude to the office, you’re bringing major problems with you.

Your Attitude Matters

As a leader, your attitude matters to your team. How you feel and the energy you exude will set the tone for your team members.

They see you down in the dumps and cranky, there’s a good chance they’re going to be as well. Your team will follow your example.

We don’t always like this fact. Especially when our example is a poor one. But that’s why you’re a leader. You’re willing to do things other people aren’t. You’ve got to be careful with your attitude when dealing with others.

Changing Your Attitude For The Better

So what if your attitude is poor? Can you change your attitude for the better? Of course you can.

Your attitude is a mental game, much like running a marathon was a mental game for me. You have to be able to overcome your own mental state and choose your attitude.

You can change your attitude. It’s all about the choice you’re making.

When you get into the office and you’re struggling, you get to choose how you will react to the situations presenting themselves to you. You can choose:

  • To scream and shout or to gently explain the situation
  • To expect everyone is out to get you or believe people are your friends
  • To see everything in a negative light or to look on the bright side of things
  • To respond with a frustrated sigh or to be truly interested in those you lead
  • To focus on the here and now or focus on how tomorrow (or the next five minutes) will be a better day

Your attitude is largely a reflection of what you choose to focus on. By focusing on the negative events in your life, you will be stuck with a negative attitude. By shifting your focus from the negative to the positive events in your life, you can begin to create a positive attitude.

Don’t feel stuck when you’ve had a rough day. Not all days will be that way. And, there’s the fact, you can change your attitude and make your day better.

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