Why You Need To Motivate Your Staff

A big mistake many leaders make is assuming their team doesn’t need to be motivated. That their team can come in ready to work because they’re being paid.

That’s a fair assumption… If our teams were robots. Robots don’t need to be motivated. All they need is a simple input into their system and away they go. They’ll labor away for hours.

Your staff needs motivation, you can give it

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But humans are a different story. Humans, our team members, can’t mindlessly drone on through their jobs. Many times, they will need to be motivated.

Why You Need To Motivate Your Staff

Do you remember the last time you came into the office and you felt your fuel tank was empty? You probably have this feeling more often than you’d like to admit. But there are plenty of days when you lack the motivation to get work done.

The same is true for your team members. They will come into the office not ready to work but to coast through their day.

They’re looking for the easy route. They just want the day to be done.

You can’t blame them. You feel the same what. What you can do is help motivate them to do the best work possible.

Motivating your staff provides a wealth of benefits. You need to motivate your staff because:

Motivated staff are more productive:

When you lack motivation, you typically don’t care about getting work done or sticking around the office. The same thoughts kick around in the minds of your unmotivated team members.

They just want to get through the day and move on. They don’t really care about the work being done.

Motivating your staff will help improve their commitment.

Motivated staff are more committed:

Do you have a high turnover rate within your organization? You may want to look at whether or not your team members are motivated.

A demotivated staff isn’t committed to the organization or the mission. They go through the motions, looking for the next best opportunity.

Motivated staff are more likely to stick around. Not only is this great for tribal knowledge, low turnover improves the bottom line!

Motivated staff are more creative:

Who doesn’t want a more creative team? Then get your team motivated!

Those who lead motivated teams see an increase in creativity. Their motivation breeds it.

They’re excited about their work and they want to see the organization thrive. So, they look for ways to improve the organization. Not only that, they’re willing to share their ideas.

Motivated staff are better organizational promoters:

Staff that lack motivation aren’t the best faces for the company they’re working for. If they’re moping around, down in the dumps, and discouraged, how do you think they come across to your customers, vendors, and others?

Not very well. Their lack of motivation will show and the people they interact with will see the lack of motivation. They’ll see a Debbie Downer.

Know a demotivated staff will have implications on those they interact with on a regular basis.

A demotivated staff has massive impacts on your organization. From productivity to creativity to commitments, motivation plays a huge factor in these areas and more.

Motivating your staff is something you need to be concerned with.

Question: Why is a motivated staff important to you? Let me know in the comment section below.

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