Why You Can’t Treat Everyone The Same As A Leader

Every leader struggles with the desire to treat everyone on their team the same. They think it’s only right.

It’s what we’ve been taught growing up. You have to treat everyone the same. It’s only right.

But is that true? Can a leader really treat everyone the same way?

Treat people fairly, not the same

My answer may come as a shock. It’s not traditional wisdom but it’s what I’ve found works.

We can’t treat everyone the same way. It’s not possible.

Instead Of Treating People The Same

We’ve got to get over the notion that we can treat people the same way. We can’t. Life doesn’t work that way.

And, people don’t want to be treated the same way.

Sally doesn’t like public recognition, she prefers a kind note letting her know that she did a fantastic job.

Terri wants you to get up front and shout her praise from the rafters. She likes being in the spotlight and having people know it.

Jim likes to put his nose to the grindstone and get work done. When it’s done, he’d prefer a nice pat on the back and an attaboy!

Each of these team members likes to be recognized. They want their deeds noticed. They don’t want to be treated the same way.

One likes private recognition. Another likes public praise. The last just wants a pat on the back.

Could you imagine if you treated Sally, Terri, and Jim all the same way?

Only one member of your team would feel satisfied with the recognition they receive. The others may feel put out or like their efforts weren’t recognized.

Not because they weren’t but because you didn’t take the time to know how they would respond to your praise.

So, instead of treating people the same, we need to treat people fairly.

Give praise. But look to them for the way they want to be praised.

Be aware that every person is different. They want to be recognized in their own way.

Being aware of this will make you a rockstar leader in their eyes.

Question: Do you treat everyone the same? Or do you treat people fairly? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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