Why Love Works In Leadership

We’re not talking about romantic love and leadership. No, we’re talking about caring for your people and treating them with respect.

But why does love work in leadership?

I believe there are multiple reasons. We can not cover them all, but we will cover 3 reasons love works in leadership.

Why Love Works In Leadership

1. People long to feel a part of something:

Loving someone means you include them in what you’re doing. Loving your employees is no different in the world of work.

If you have a favorite employee (I know, I know, we’re not supposed to but it often happens), you bring them in on special projects. Why? Because you want them to be a part of something special since you like them.

Imagine doing this for more than your favorite employee? Could you begin to include more of your team in special projects? Could you help them feel like they’re a part of something more?

You could. And that’s why love works in leadership.

2. People see the leader in a better light:

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Ricciardi researched the power of love in leadership. He discovered something that should not surprise us but often does.

His discovery was this:

A team member who feels ‘loved’ by his boss is significantly more likely to see his boss as a good leader.

What does this mean? It means that when a leader shows love to his or her employees, the employee changes the way they see their leader. The employees are willing to overlook simple mistakes and oversights. When bad things happen, they still see the leader as good.

Would this change the way you lead? Would you like your employees to see you as a good leader?

Love works for this. Love your people, they will love you back.

3. People are inspired by love:

Huh? What do you mean by this?

Have you ever seen a couple in romantic love? Their love for each other often inspires them to be better versions of themselves. The husband wants to be better for his wife, and vice-versa for the wife. She wants to be better for her husband.

Ideally, the care one puts out in a romantic relationship is returned with a reciprocal action.

The same happens in business.

When we love our team members, they not only see us in a better light, they are inspired to be better.

Inspire your people through the love you have for them. They will reach for the stars if you reach for them.

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