Why Good Leaders Speak Up

The Speak Up! Series

Have you ever been in a situation where a bad leader spoke up? He shared a vision isolated to himself. Or he chose to single out one employee and berate him.

Bad leaders tend to speak up when something is wrong. They focus on what isn’t working and choose to talk down to those they’re leading.

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This is damaging. The organization hurts from the lack of good leadership. The team members hurt because of the hurtful words spewed from the mouth of the bad leader.

Then there’s the void left with the lack of a good leader nearby. Or, worse yet, maybe the good leader sits by idly and fails to speak up.

He’s scared to voice his opposition to the bad leader. What would happen if his words were twisted or he couldn’t convince those he leads that they were better than what the other leader was telling them?

There’s so much to think about before speaking up. You can become overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. You may choose to not speak up.

But, remember this, if you fail to speak up, you are letting a bad leader have control of the situation. When bad leaders lead, the organizational ship is headed for dangerous waters. When a good leader speaks up, he helps correct the ship’s course.

Why Good Leaders Speak Up

Good leaders don’t speak up because they want to be heard. They also don’t speak up because they believe their way is the only way.

Good leaders know they don’t have to hog the floor. They also know they don’t have all the answers.

This may seem strange to some. They may believe leaders are supposed to have all of the answers. They’ve been given the title of leader, right?!?!?

But that’s a falsity.

Good leaders speak up because speaking up is the right thing to do. They take the risk of sharing what is right and accept the judgment and scrutiny their words bring.

When good leaders speak up, bad leaders are challenged. They show their teams and organizations there’s a better way to do business. They don’t have to do what’s right in the world’s eyes.

Instead, good leaders speak up to bring light and truth to organizations. They know their words will bring change to the organizations they lead.

Because they were willing to share their thoughts, others are willing to as well. Multiple voices will combine to form a new thought. This new thought is better than what an individual leader or team member could ever bring.

Be willing to speak up and share. Let your voice be heard. Allow others to contribute to your voice. Use the new information shared because you had the courage to share.

Question: What happens when you speak up? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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