Where Did All The Good Leaders Go?

Have you looked around lately? If you have, you might have been surprised to see a shocking lack of good leaders.

We see leaders failing all around us.

Leaders are failing in their marriages

Leaders are failing in their willingness to speak up for what is right

Leaders are failing in taking care of those they lead

Leaders are failing in their push for more

According to the Barna Research Group, 82% of Christians believe the nation is facing a crisis of leadership because there are not enough good leaders.

Now, that’s scary!

Whatever the reason, we see leaders failing to do what is right. We see leaders failing to move forward. We see leaders failing to equip others.

It’s a sad reality and leaves us wondering:

Where did all the good leaders go?

People Are Noticing

God is revealing the truth. Human leaders are frail. Human leaders fail. Human leaders aren’t all that good.

And people are taking notice.

People are raising their voice and asking more of their leaders. That is good.

When followers take notice, realize their leaders haven’t been good, and begin to raise their voice, changes start to happen.

This call from followers will begin to draw in good leaders.

Leaders who are committed to their marriages

Leaders who are willing to put themselves second

Leaders who are hungry to see change in those they lead

Leaders who are humble

Seeing people cry out for good leaders is a great sight to see. This desire for good leaders tells us people want leaders who will do the right thing, not the self-serving thing.

What You Can Do

We know the reality… Followers are doubting those who lead them. They feel the good leaders have left the building.

But YOU can do something about this.

You can step up to the plate and begin displaying good leadership qualities.

You can:

Show that people matter

Love your family

Encourage your team

Do what is right

Mentor those around you

Help the less fortunate

Speak the truth

While good leaders take on the difficult tasks, it’s more often the simple things that bring out the truly good leader.

Question: What can you do to be a good leader? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.

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