What’s Your “That’s Funny” Moment?

Every person making a difference has a That’s Funny moment. Now, I’m not talking about a humorous moment. We have those as well, but that’s a topic for a different blog post.

Instead, I’m referring to the ability to see things that don’t quite make sense. Seeing these things makes you take note. Sometimes, you’ll think it’s funny. Like “How did that happen?” or “Why did that happen?”

I was going to use an example I heard recently about where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet. There’s a photo circulating that shows a color difference between two bodies of water. It was initially claimed to be the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meeting. Instead, the picture is of a glacial runoff meeting another body of water. The color difference is due to a couple of reasons.

The example was going to be how sailors had to wonder at this marvel. How they must have looked at the two bodies of water meeting and going, “That’s funny…”

Instead, I can still use this example. Just in a different way.

I heard the story in a podcast. I thought it was interesting, funny even. When I went to look up more information, I found out just how funny it was. The story wasn’t true. The photo was, but it wasn’t of the two oceans.

Still, my mind was trying to wrap itself around how this could happen. I dug deeper. I found out the reason.

My “that’s funny” moment turned me into an internet sleuth that learned a bit more about the world we live in.

What’s Your “That’s Funny” Moment?

A “That’s funny” moment isn’t something that should cause you alarm. Instead, these moments are the moments that make your ears perk up. You want to discover more about a topic. So you dig deeper.

I want you to begin recognizing the moments you think something is funny or off. Here are the things I want you to think about when you see these things or situations:

  • What made me take notice of this occurrence?
  • What do I need to do to find out more about this?
  • Are there any outside forces acting on the things in motion?
  • Is this experience repeatable?
  • What can this moment teach me?

As we become more curious about the world and events around us, we begin to find answers to questions we may not have been asking. These answers can bring insight into various aspects of our life, business, and leadership.

Don’t let a “That’s funny” moment pass you by. Use it to begin understanding what’s happening around you.

The more often you dig into the “That’s funny” moments, the more you’re going to grow. The more you’re going to see possibilities.

Open your eyes. See the exciting happenings around you. And become a better leader.

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