What’s Next For Young Church Leaders?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. I heard firsthand from some of today’s most influential Christian leaders, authors, and artists.

I shared a lot of the content from the conference speakers here on my blog, and I hope you all were as inspired and activated as I was to make bold changes to become the leaders God has called you to be.

Catalyst Next Washington DC

Image courtesy of Catalyst

Catalyst also hosts several smaller, more intimate gatherings for leaders who love the Church across country each year. Their next event is Catalyst Next in Washington, D.C., on November 17 at the Lincoln Theater.

Catalyst Next invites leaders to lean into what’s next for the church––to embrace the tension between the church and culture to shape society, not just react to it. Keynote speakers such as bestselling author Jen Hatmaker, advisor for International Justice Mission Bethany Hoang, New York Times Best Selling author Mark Batterson, lead pastors of Vous Church Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson, and others will encourage and inspire attendees to focus in on the future of the Church.

“Often as leaders we shy away from the unknown,” executive director Tyler Reagin said. “What we are pushing for is to lean into the unknown––to create the future. At Catalyst, we believe that we possess the ability to awaken a generation of leaders captivated and inspired by a God-given vision of what our future can be. Church and culture can come together to make something truly amazing, something not one of us could create independently.”

If you are ready to boldly take on the unknown, this could be a pivotal moment for you to be poured into by influencers who are leading the way.

My friends at Catalyst partnered with me to host a giveaway for the event, where one reader will win a ticket to Next. To enter, just fill out the contest entry form below and leave a comment with one way you lean into the tension between church and culture. One reader will be drawn at random and awarded a ticket––just make sure to leave your comment by Wednesday, Nov. 11!

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