What You’re Saying About Yourself When You Fail To Speak Up

The Speak Up! Series

I know how hard it can be to speak up. The fear, the nerves, the voices inside of your head. Everything is telling you that you’re going to screw this up.

While you may have that little voice inside of your head telling you that you could mess this up, there’s something this voice isn’t telling you. The voice inside your head isn’t telling you what you’re saying about yourself when you fail to speak up.

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What You’re Saying About Yourself When You Fail To Speak Up

You may be surprised at what you’re saying when you don’t speak up. Your silence is speaking volumes to those you lead and who lead you. When you fail to speak up, you are saying:

  • I don’t have anything to contribute
  • My fear of being rejected is more than my excitement over this idea
  • People don’t need me
  • My ideas don’t have value
  • You shouldn’t listen to me

You wouldn’t say these things out loud. But you do say these negative words when you fail to speak up.

What You’re Saying About Yourself When You Speak Up

The inverse of these statements are true when you speak up. By speaking up, you’re saying you are valuable. Speaking up says:

  • I have something valuable to contribute.
  • I’m excited about what I have to share. My fear won’t hold me back from sharing.
  • People need to hear what I have to say.
  • The ideas I will share have value. People will grow and learn because of them.
  • Please, would you listen to me? Hear me out and see if what I say hold water.

Being willing to speak up tells people to listen to you. You can get a lot more done when you speak than when you stay silent.

Get past the fear of what others may think. Know you have something valuable to say. Then go say it.

Question: Why are you scared to speak up? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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