What You Should Know About Getting Into A Growth Mindset

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A growth mindset isn’t something that everybody has – usually because we are largely conditioned by our environment. The way we are raised and the people we spend time around can have a huge impact on our mindset and whether it’s the kind to help us grow or not. Having a growth mindset (the belief that you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve) is the key to success.

However, just because you haven’t been raised to think a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t teach yourself to do it. If you’re determined, you can get yourself into a growth mindset easily. Read on to learn more below:

Figure Out How You Were Raised

You need to figure out how you were raised, because you may need to reevaluate everything you’ve been taught in order to improve. For example, if you were praised a certain way, then your brain will most likely respond to praise about how well you’ve done, rather than information about how you can improve. This is true for people who were told they were good at something, rather than the effort it took to achieve something. For example, ‘you’re a natural artist!’ when you painted a picture, or ‘you’re so good at Science.’ These sorts of phrases stunt growth because they assume that a person is naturally good at that thing. This can hinder your performance in other areas, and cause all kinds of other problems. 

Rewire Your Brain 

Rewiring your brain takes time. However, it can be done with persistence. You can do the following to rewire yours: 

  • Read as many mindset and growth books as you can
  • Listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos for a new perspective
  • Use affirmations
  • Create a new story and stick to it (don’t repeat the same old complaints and patterns)
  • Try EFT tapping 
  • Meditate 

Keep On Learning No Matter What 

Just because you’ve left school doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Keep on learning no matter what. Take an accredited online FNP program or another type of online course to help you reach your goals. Learn for the fun of it! 

Stop Seeking The Approval Of Others

Seeking the approval of others is a surefire way to hinder your progress. You’re the one living your life, so live it for yourself. 

See Your Failures As Stepping Stones To Success

Even the richest entrepreneurs failed before they succeeded. It’s essential that you view your failures as stepping stones to success. Every one of them can teach you something. What have your lessons been so far? Nothing is a waste of time! 

You Are Not Your Thoughts

You are not your thoughts, you’re just the one who listens. Choose the thoughts you pay most attention to carefully. It’ll make a huge difference to your outlook and results. 

Take Ownership Of Your Own Attitude 

You get to decide your attitude, what mood you’re in, and the thoughts you listen to. You don’t suddenly fall into a ‘bad mood’ – most of the time, you choose it. Be aware of this and figure out why you really may be feeling a certain way.

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