What Works For You

As any athlete will tell you, they try to find the best nutritional plan to get the best results they can. They will also tell you they bump up their mental game before a game, match, or race.

A few weeks ago, I ran my most recent half marathon at the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon.

I was mentally prepared for this half marathon to be one of my worst. Why? Because my game was off. What happened wasn’t planned.

So, what happened? What didn’t I do right?

  • My training was haphazard. Training runs were regular but not according to plan.
  • My training pace had been a good 30-60 slower than race pace. Some runs were even 2-3 minutes per mile slower.
  • My pre-race meal was not at all what would be recommended. Greasy, heavy, unhealthy.
  • My sleep time was off. I had planned to get 7-8 hours of sleep the night before. Instead, I probably slept 4 hours.
  • My mental game was off. The night before race day, we discovered some shocking news. No longer was I excited. I was now sad, lost in thought, and, you could even say, mad.

That’s a lot of things that could add up to a horrible race. But, that’s not what happened.

Instead, I ran a personal best for my half marathon.

What Works For You

What does this have to do with leadership, personal development, or success? A lot.

The gurus out there, the thought leaders, the ones producing content… they’re sharing what worked for them.

Even as a thought leader, I have a little secret for you. What worked for other people will not always work for you or those around you.

Their methods worked for them because they have a unique set of skills. Or maybe their body chemistry reacts differently to the kinds of food they eat.

On this leadership blog, I let you know what works for me. I invite others to share what works for them. You have to find out what works for you.

When you begin to piece things together, try different ways of leading, or discover a new way to exercise, you will begin to unlock the potential within you.

Find what works for you. Use it to grow yourself, your family, and your organization.

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