What To Do With Change

Leading Through Change

Change… The one thing that never changes. You can always expect there to be change in your life and leadership.

Change is a constant. You’re not going to escape from it though many people try to avoid change.

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This brings up a valid question about change. The question?

What to do with change?

Every leader needs to ask themselves this question. You need to have an idea of what change is coming and what you can do with the change.

There are many leaders who aren’t willing to answer this question. For them, their leadership days are numbered. For you, faithful reader, the answer is different.

You know you can’t ignore the question. You have to be willing to answer this defining leadership question.

What To Do With Change

There are two things you can do with change. One will help you to continue growing. The other will stunt your growth as a leader.

I hope you’ll choose the right action to the question.

What are the things you can do with change? They are:

You can reject or hide from change –

There are options when it comes to dealing with change. The first option is not a good choice.

You have the option to reject, hide, and run from change. You can stick your head in the sand like an ostrich believing this will prevent change from impacting you.

You’d be wrong. You’d also be in trouble.

Rejecting and hiding from change will hurt you. You will lag behind other leaders who are growing and *gasp* changing.

When you reject change, you’re rejecting growth.

You can embrace change –

I hope you’re the leader who’s willing to embrace change. Change is something you can’t run or hide from. Change WILL find you.

In my experience, you must embrace change to become a great leader.

To embrace change will take courage. You will be scared. You may even feel a little sick to your stomach looking into the eyes of change.

Yet, when you embrace change, you will realize something. You will notice growth and positive movement forward.

By embracing change, you can move forward. You can change for the better. You can become the leader you were meant to be.

Question: Are you embracing or resisting change? Why are you choosing one over the other? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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