What To Do When You’ve Reached The End Of Your 20 Mile March?

The 20 mile march is all about taking consistent action so we can reach a specific goal. For Roald Amundsen it was trudging 20 miles every day until he and his team reached the South Pole. For you it may be completing your book manuscript. Helping your team reach record sales. Or getting into shape.

Image By Darcy McCarty

Image By Darcy McCarty

But what happens once you reach the finish line of your 20 mile march? What happens then?

It’s a great question to ask yourself. You need to have an idea of what you’ll do after accomplishing your current goal.

I have a few suggestions on what to do after completing the journey of the 20 mile march:

Take A Break: It takes a lot of work to go 20 miles every day. Day after day. You’ve exerted a lot of effort to get to the end. There needs to be a time of rest.

Make sure you’re at the end and you’ve done what you set out. Then take a break. Rest and recuperate from the journey. You’ll need it for what’s ahead.

Plot A New Course: You’ve finished your strenuous journey. Congratulations! You did quite the job. You’ve also taken the time to relax and recuperate from the struggles you’ve faced. You’re ready to go again.

You’re now faced with plotting a new course of action and a new mountain to conquer. Sit down with your team and decide where you’re headed next. Think about the next major project and how you’ll take on the challenge. Realize this new journey will require 20 mile marches every day. Plot the course so you know what you’ll be facing.

Get Back To The March: You’re now ready to get back to marching. You’ve rested. You’ve plotted out the next action steps and know the course you’ll take. Begin marching again.

Take the daily steps necessary to reach your new goal on time. You’ll have to be consistent. You’ll have to be resilient. You’ll have to know where you’re going. But you’re ready for that.

Head out on the new journey and tackle the next 20 mile march challenge.

The 20 mile march principle is a great method to follow as a leader. It sets you up for success as you’re being consistent and going forward towards the goal. You also know what is required to reach the destination.

And the great thing is the 20 mile march works time after time. I’ve shown you how you can implement it again once you’ve tackled the task. You can do it. You just need to get back out there!

Question: What do you do when you reach the end of a journey? Do you rest, evaluate, and then get back to the march or is your path different? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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