Top Posts For October 2011

Can you believe that October is done? It seems like October flew by.

It was also my first, full month of my blog. I hope you have enjoyed the content on the site and will keep coming back.

Today, I am taking time to reflect on my top posts for the month.

Here are the top five posts for October 2011:

  1. We Were Made To Be Courageous: This was the third post on the blog and my first giveaway. I gave my review of the movie Courageous and gave away a promotional poster.
  2. Bigger Than Your Life: Leaving A Legacy As A Leader: A surprising post to see in this spot of the list. It is one of the newest posts and landed in spot 2 of the list.
  3. How Is Your Follow Through? 3 Ways To Improve It: It can be a struggle to follow through with your commitments but it is vitally important. In this post, I admitted it is something that I struggle with. Writing this post has helped me increase my follow through. I hope it has helped you.
  4. 5 Ways You Can Add Spice To Your Boring Day Job: This was fun to write. I hope you walked away with ways to increase your joy at work.
  5. Is It Time To Take Action?: A call to action. What are you doing with the information you are taking in? If you are struggling with what to do, review this post and get inspired!

I was surprised to see What’s Your Challenge? did not make the top five. It had the most comments but very few page views.  Another surprise was the amount of views my Reading List received. It ranked second in page views, just below How To Be Courageous.

Question: If you have a blog, what was your top post for the month? Why do you think it was the top post? Please leave your answer in the comment section below.

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